August 24, 2020

 To the Memberships of the Georgia Chapter of NIGP and the Governmental Procurement Association of Georgia Chapter of NIGP

NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement is honored to announce that the following public procurement leaders from the State of Georgia have successfully attained the competency-based qualifications set forth by the NIGP Certification Commission for public procurement leaders and have earned our prestigious NIGP Certified Procurement Professional certification (NIGP-CPP):

  • Lisa Butler NIGP-CPP, Macon, GA
  • Lisa Mehalko NIGP-CPP, Kennesaw, GA
  • Carrie Roberts NIGP-CPP, Atlanta, GA
  • Howard Siggelko NIGP-CPP, Kennesaw, GA
  • Joyce Webb NIGP-CPP, Atlanta, GA

These professionals are among the first 56 professional leaders to earn this distinguished NIGP-CPP.  This pioneering spirit reflects on their tenacity, commitment to life-long learning, and a desire to lead by example. Most assuredly, they are an inspirational beacon for others to follow.

The NIGP-CPP program offers unique attributes when compared to other procurement-related professional certifications.  It is the only certification that is anchored in the Public Procurement Competency Framework. The Framework is rooted in research produced by the Volcker Alliance that seeks effective public service through workforce competencies. It is the only certification that specifically targets mid to executive level procurement leaders in the public sector. It is the only certification that integrates with NIGP’s Pathways program featuring competency development within 33 learning modules.  And it is the only competency-based certification that expands beyond public procurement’s technical aspects and assesses the more holistic competencies needed to be successful leader within a public entity, embracing elements of leadership, business principles, and procurement strategy.

Congratulations to these fellow Georgians!


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