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Certification, What does certification mean? For many, professional certification is a pinnacle achievement that reflects your superior knowledge, experience and status as a public procurement professional. Whatever your motivation for certification, NIGP’s courses provide the knowledge and the qualifying credits you need to become certified. 

Certification of procurement professionals is a critical tool for agencies all over the country as they watch every dollar and look to maximize value, which well-trained professionals are better equipped to do. Certification can also provide an edge when applying for an open position or looking to be promoted.     

The Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council (UPPCC) examinations (for CPPB and CPPO certification) measure professional competence as defined by the Body of Knowledge surrounding public procurement. CPPB and CPPO certification provides agency managers a degree of confidence in the ability and integrity of the people who have been or will be selected to do the job.

Also, certification permits closer control of purchasing practices and offers opportunities for increased earning levels in purchasing operations based on recognition of professional competence and performance.

How do I get started? Visit the UPPCC website for information on eligibility requirements, the application and testing process and important dates.

NIGP's Certification Prep Products help you meet your certification goals, NIGP has an exceptional suite of products to assist you in preparing for the CPPB and CPPO exams. Through Cert Prep Central, you can chart your certification preparation and purchase a range of products and services including Prep texts and classes as well as an online assessment tool. These products have been specifically mapped to the Body of Knowledge contained in the UPPCC computer-based tests.

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