About Us

What and who are the Georgia Chapter of NIGP? 

We often identify ourselves as GANIGP and are a group of dedicated procurement professionals from across the state of Georgia subscribing to the purposes of:

1)    Establishing cooperative relationships among public purchasing professionals for the development of efficient public purchasing methods and practices;
2)    Encouraging maintenance of ethical standards in public purchasing;
3)    Promoting uniform public purchasing laws and simplified standards and specifications;
4)    Collecting and disseminating information useful to public purchasing professionals;
5)    Promoting the interchange of ideas and experiences within the purchasing profession;
6)    Encouraging research and investigation in public purchasing;
7)    Promoting ongoing training and certification of those engaged in public purchasing;
8)    Sponsoring such other activities as may be useful in providing its Members with knowledge for efficient procurement;
9)    Striving by all legitimate means to advance the public purchasing profession; and
10)  Observing the purposes, aims, and objectives of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP).

The operational and business affairs of the Chapter are administered and managed by an Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is comprised of an elected President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, the Immediate Past President, the Standing committee Chairpersons, and the Member-At-Large. 

We are a non-profit corporation governed by a set of Bylaws recently updated and approved by the Chapter membership on December 1, 2012.  Our Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Georgia Secretary of State's Office and we use an Operations Guide for the day-to-day business functions of the Chapter.

That is the technical definition of our chapter and how we operate.  But in the end, we are a large group of diverse, educated, talented, and dedicated individuals that enjoy working together for the betterment of our profession and peers.  We hope that you will become involved and join in this unique experience of learning and getting to know associates in your field of expertise.

 So welcome! Visit all our pages and see the great things we can do together!